Frequently Asked Questions

No, we look at several things when you apply. Your CV, personal qualifications, how well you do at the interview and your grades. But the grades are not the most important factor, it is the total impression we get of you.

You can submit both in Danish and English, this depends on what you prefer.

Yes, we do, although the majority are Danish.

No unfortunately not. Aarhus BSS International Case Teams is for students enrolled in a programme at Aarhus University.

All members are expected to participate in all workshops organized throughout a semester.

Solid member participation is the foundation of our obligation towards our partners.

Therefore, being absent is only allowed under special circumstances. This do not include work or school-related activities. However, illness and life events are allowed

You can always apply, but the chances of becoming a member when you are on your first

semester is smaller. The reason is that to attend workshops and case competitions you need some

basic knowledge. You will typically learn the necessary knowledge required during your first year of your bachelor’s degree

Yes, you absolutely can. A lot of the case competitions are for undergraduates, but there are still a few case competitions you can attend and you can also attend our workshops.