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Aarhus BSS International Case Teams (ICT) is a student-driven organization recruiting and training the most talented students to proudly represent Aarhus University at case competitions nationally and abroad.

At more than 15 events every year, our members are trained in collaboration with top consultancies and businesses in Denmark aiming to excelling in case competitions and future careers.
ICT is a great place to socialize and network. Members become part of a network of nearly 100 unique members and engage with many business professionals through workshops and social events. 

Finally, supporting the growth of the case-solving culture at Aarhus University, we also organize workshops open for all students and we are proud to support Aarhus-based case-solving initiatives in any way possible.



International Case Competition

Who are we

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Hear from Lasse Storgaard Duerlund

Hear from Camilla Raouf Wolfsberg

Who are we

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to connect ambitious students at Aarhus BSS to the industry by combining theory and practice, while contributing to building the case solving mindset at Aarhus University through partner workshops and international case competitions


Our mission is to prepare, support and send skilled teams to international case competitions, while facilitating great learning opportunities and experiences for our members

International Case Competitions

Our members represent Aarhus University in several international case competitions. They get to practice their problem-solving skills on real-life business cases and compete against teams from all over the world.

ICT represents Aarhus University at several different international case competitions each year. The competitions are based on real-life business cases where students get to provide their input on current issues facing a well-known company or organization. All teams are presented to the same problem, and it is up to the team to come up with the best solution. 

A competition can last anywhere between 8 to 36 hours depending on the case. When the teams have handed in their solution, they will get a chance to present it to a jury. This presentation will be followed by a Q&A where the jury can receive more information on the parts of the solution, they find particularly interesting. Afterwards, there will be a Q&A where the jury can ask about details of the solution, they find interesting. Case competitions are a great opportunity for students to improve problem-solving and communication skills while meeting ambitious students from all over the world, since there also is time to engage and socialize with other teams during the competition.


The Board

Aarhus BSS International Case Teams is driven entirely by voluntary students through our board, who is responsible for the operation of ICT.

Board members are usually recruited once a year as needed. All members can express interest in joining the board and will usually do so after having participated in 2 semesters of workshops and case-solving. Currently, the board consists of the following 12 students allocated across 7 areas:

Rebekka Jørgensen


Camilla Raouf Wolfsberg


Jonas Adamsen

International Relations

Maggie Ng

International Relations

Mathias Hansen

International Relations

Stine Winther

Student Relations

Niels Jul Nielsen

Student Relations

Jonas Bukhave Nielsen

Student Relations

Kasper Østergaard Hansen

Business Relations

Nicolai Busch

Business Relations

Victor Hansen

Business Relations

Kristian Højland


Casper Flensborg Graupner


Julie Sihm Vejsgaard


Senior Advisors

The organisation is supported by senior advisors and an advisory board that works closely with the board. Our senior advisors are former ICT members with special case-solving skills, who support students during workshops and at case competitions. Furthermore, they organize workshops for member. New senior advisors are recruited at least once a year as needed. Currently, our senior advisors are:

Julie Sihm Vejlsgaard

Senior Advisor

Mathias Hoffmeyer

Senior Advisor

Lasse Duerlund

Senior Advisor

Jacob Tønning

Senior Advisor

Advisory Board

The advisory board of ICT consist of the founders of the organization. They oversee and support the overall development of ICT and are especially consulted whenever larger changes in the organization are considered. Our advisory board members are:

Andreas Moltke-Leth

Line Plesner

Oliver Andersen

Simone Bisgaard