Workshops & Master Classes

The purpose of workshops in ICT is to give members experience with case-solving by solving complex cases provided by our partners. Workshops are created in close collaboration with either an Expert Partner or an Industry Partner. Depending on the partner, the solutions will be judged on different criteria. 

The teams have 4-12 hours to solve the case provided by the partner. Afterwards, there will mostly be given be 30-60 minutes to practice the presentation. A workshop lasts 1-2 days depending on the preferences of the partner. However, most of the workshops in ICT last 1 full day. For instance, an expert partner, as Bain & Company, could present its approach called “Answer First” after which the members must solve a given case by the use of this tool. 

At the end of the workshop, teams will present their solutions to the given case and get feedback on how the case was solved with a specific focus on the case-solving technique.



▪Welcome and walk-through of plan for the day

▪Introduction to the partner company and job opportunities

▪Potentially breakfast and/or coffee


Workshop Focus Area

▪Workshop hosted by partner company, preferably including practical exercises

▪Focus for workshop will depend on the partnership type



▪Case created by partner company is solved in case teams set by the ICT board

▪Potentially a “pitch” session for each team in the first hour


Lunch Break

▪Lunch at partner’s premises

▪Either “grab-and-go” during lunch-break with mingling opportunities



▪Short presentations of case teams’ solutions (10 min) and Q&A session (5-7 min)

▪Panel of judges consisting of relevant representatives



▪Announcement of the winners, potentially incl. a small prize

▪Feedback sessions with each team and optional networking/dinner with ICT members